Quality Policy

  • Quality is a prefix used with our products, when we say quality we mean it.
  • Quality is our benchmark to international standards followed on each and every step of manufacturing the bags
  • Quality check from very first step of production to avoids any point mistake in production help in preventing from failure at end and delivering the top product.
  • Quality training program to floor workers to ensure that they can produce best quality products in time
  • Quality with strictness, we allow every stitcher a special permission to hold the production if found a single mistake or see something not proper.
  • Quality checks not randomly, but on every stage on every aspect, tractability of product gives and edge to our product in International Market.
  • Quality by maintaining hygiene, preventing bags from dirt dust, germs and contamination.

Hygiene Policy

  • Proper training to workers to maintain environment and themselves clean….
  • A commitment to hygiene and cleanness is our priority. Especially for food grade bags to and they must be sanitized and free from contamination dirt dust and germs.
  • Following food and safety system (FSSC 22000) for food grade products are specially our prime focus and part of our quality policy.

Testing Policy

Passing inputs and bags through various strong quality checks like Air washing, metal detection, load test, UV resistance test, and tensile test gives our bags an edge to perform as desired.

To Maintain Product Quality

  • Inspection – on every stage to make sure the end result will be as per requirement.
  • Traceability – all the bags carry one unique code number from which we can trace the set of workers who made the bag with details of all component used in the bags. These helps us to catch the root cause and carry out CAPA (Corrective and preventive action)
  • Tensile Testing – Checking Tensile strength of all major Inputs like webbing, tapes fabric ….etc… To ensure the required strengths for safe usage of FIBC. This all done on computerized tensile tester for every lot.
  • UV Resistance test – bags sometimes placed in outdoor at that time bag must survive in the exposure of sun light water and dew to check the resistivity, every fabric yarn goes through Q-Lab UV tester to ensure the bag have strength to stay in exposure for long.
  • Load Testing – having in house load testing facility allow us to check safe working load of first bag of every order and randomly selected bag of every lot on the load test machine for , 5,6,8 time of their safe working load. This process gives us confidence to us and our buyer to use bags in required Safe work load.