Q-Lab UV testing machinejumbo_69d22da9-9468-4b0f-98f0-1bfaf3917bf5

The QUV accelerated weathering tester reproduces the damage caused by sunlight, rain and dew. In a few days or weeks, the QUV UV tester can reproduce the damage that occurs over months or years outdoors.

U.V accelerated weathering machines to measure UV retention of fabric and input as per ISO Standard.

Test Rig for destructive testing


In-house FIBC Test Rig ensures that the bags produced in the factory are subjected to random tests. Test Rig designed in accordance with the ISO Standards to conduct load tests on FIBCs.This process gives us confidence to us and our buyer to use bags in required Safe work load.



Tensile Testing machineIMG_0557

Checking Tensile strength of all major Inputs like webbing, tapes fabric ….etc… To ensure the required strengths for safe usage of FIBC. This all done on computerized tensile tester for every lot.



Metal Detector Metal Detector Machine

Using Metal Detector for Food & Pharma Grade bags to ensure that no metallic particle left in the bag, our machine can  detect smallest size of needles.



Air Washing Air Cleaning Machine

For producing FIBC for food grade should be neat and clean, ie. There should not be any loose threads or other foreign particles inside the bags and which is very difficult to clean manually. For this we use automatic cleaning machine by which we can clean the bags from top & bottom respectively.




Light Tables 01 (41)

Light tables are used to check the particles in or out side the bags, and to ensure no loose thread or foreign body contamination occurs in Food & Pharma grade bags.