Extrusion: We produce 1200 kgs per hour of Polypropylene tapes of various weights and strengths.

Looms:  117 circular looms to produce fabric of any width and weight

Belt Weaving:  Four needle looms (20 Heads)

Lamination: 90 mm Extrusion Coating Plant with a maximum lamination width of 2.2 meters

Fabric Cutting:  Two Jumbo Bag Fabric Cutting Lines of 60″ & 80“ widths

Belt Cutting: We have Automatic Belt/Webbing Cutting machines

Printing :  4 colour machine (62″ x 82″)  Four six color/four color roto gravure Printing Machine for Online Printing of Small Bags

Auto Cutting : 4 Auto cutting and stitching machine.

Liner Plants: 4 mono extrusion Liner plants for Liners

Clean Room Facility: Atlantis Products produces FIBCs from its state-of-the-art Clean Room facility to fulfill stringent customer requirements. Our facility is well integrated from fabric stage to packing with highly maintained hygienic conditions which adheres to global standards such as ISO 9001 & FSSC 22000 etc. Our Clean Room is equipped with world-class equipment such as ultrasonic cutting, air washing machine, metal detecting, etc. We have implemented HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) in its clean room facility to ensure optimum food safety.

Testing Lab: We have equipment’s to check the breaking strength of tapes and also ultraviolet testing of tapes. The other types of tests are:- Elongation Testing, UV Testing, Load Test, Dart Impact Test, Co-efficient of friction testing (slip and anti-slip), Air Preamblity test, conductivity testing, UN Testing as per Indian and international standards.