Atlantis Products Private limited is one of the largest suppliers of PP woven sacks in India, serving agricultur and industrial market.

One of the customized product used to pack the industrial and agricultural products.

These sacks are flexible, with a wide range of printing and design.

These bags hold products like rice, sugar, beans, salt, flour, fertilizer, feed, sand, and cement.


Varieties of PP woven sack

  • Laminated bag : This kind of bag typically hold product not to be contact with water or moisture. Also gives a aesthetic view to the packaging material.
  • Sack with liner : This bags helps keeping the product dry and keep the freshness.
  • Printed sacks : Wide range of printing allows best marketing possibilities for your products.


  • PP woven sacks are lighter weight
  • Having greater bursting strength
  • Better pest resistance
  • Resistance to tearing
  • It can be reusable
  • Environment friendly
  • Can be air permeable and moisture, pollutants, bacteria, mildew, and oil resistant
  • Properties of sacks do not degrade if wet
  • Less expensive
  • Abundant and easily available